History of Coffee

The legendary White Coffee is one of the Malaysian’s favourite beverages with a history of more than half a century. It can be traced all the way back to the 1950’s. One fine day, there was a skilful coffee brewer with 30 years of experience. He experimented a roasting method without adding sugar, margarine, or any other ingredients that are used to roast traditional coffee. He uses low-heat temperature roasted coffee beans, and serving the less acidic coffee with a mixture of evaporated skim milk. Thus, a whole new level of fragrance is created. It is smooth and has a memorable taste – that is the first generation of White Coffee.

White Coffee is not white in colour. However, it is referring to the method it is being roasted – Only the finest luxury coffee beans are selected, through low-heat temperature roasting and a special process to remove the caffeine. Such roasting technic also removes the bitterness and lowering the caffeine content to a minimum. No additives are added to enhance the coffee flavour, which is soothing to our body and it retains the original flavour and colour of the coffee. Compared to traditional coffee, White Coffee’s colour is lighter and the taste is pure. Hence, the word “White” Coffee is made.

White Coffee does not contain wheat, corn and other impurities. Generally, it does not contain sugar while roasting. It has low calories and low in caffeine. It does not contain any additives, which gives you natural and pure coffee aroma.

To enhance the best flavour, our company uses three of the finest White Coffee beans which are Arabica (imported from Java, Indonesia – a famous place for the production of Arabica), Robusta (imported from South America, Brazil) and Liberica (a very exquisite type of beans and grown in Malaysia). These beans are roasted in low-heat temperature to remove the bitterness, then mixed with creamer and sugar obtained from sugar cane, producing an affordable drink which brings sheer happiness and satisfaction to those who consume it.


為求更高層次口感,本公司的白咖啡採用三種上等咖啡豆,阿拉比卡(ARABICA 是从印度尼西亚一个出名生产阿拉比卡的地方-JAVA爪哇进口),罗布斯塔(ROBUSTA是从南美洲-BRAZIL巴西进口)及 利比里卡 (LIBERICA是马来西亚少量而珍贵品种的咖啡豆)通過低溫烘焙以去除焦苦酸澀味,並與上等棕榈油提炼出来的植脂末(非乳脂奶精)與天然蔗糖結合,營造出人人皆負擔得起、喝出幸福滿腔的滋味。