Multizon Resources Sdn Bhd located at Shah Alam, was founded in year 2011. With a humble beginning, our success is driven by our people and their commitment to get results the right way. We believe in the key elements of our nature of business, which consist of Quality Ingredients, Standard of Operation, Flexibility, and Capability in premix beverages. We also export our produts to China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan

Multizon Resources Sdn.Bhd.  位于莎亚南,始建于2011年。从创业期的微不足道发展到现在的成功,是源自于我们一群全心投入的员工以正确的途径所取得的成果。在混合配方饮料的行业, 我们相信选用优质材料、标准运作、灵活处理以及调配的才能,是业务成功的关键。我们的产品也出口去中国,香港,新加坡, 泰国 及台湾。
Source of Distinctive Taste

Vigilantly selected ingredients and carefully crafted formulations of your favorite beverages create the distinctive taste profile that gains the consumers support.

Standard of Operation
Further to the tastefulness of our products, we are certified with GMP, and HACCP quality assurance program, and our products are HALAL certified by Malaysia JAKIM. Food safety is closely monitored at every critical point of production. Responsible manufacturing practice is enforced throughout the factory to ensure that our products are totally safe and free from physical, chemical and biological contaminants.

我们的产品不但极富滋味,而且也获得GMP 和 HACCP 的品质保证,并且由Malaysia  JAKIM  证实为清真食品。我们密切监督生产程序的每一个步骤,同时整间工厂严谨运作,以确保产品的安全性,不含任何物质上、化学性及生物方面的污染物。
A leading private label manufacturer specialized in a variety of coffee, tea and chocolate beverages; and other beverages premix related products which are specifically formulated to suit your requirement. We produce your products with the finest quality ingredients and a wide range of packaging options for your market place.Minimized Order Quantity (MOQ) for new product launches in terms of packaging investment and production quantity to ease off the barrier for new market penetration and expansion into a desire target market.

我们是一家专门生产各式咖啡、茶及巧克力饮料的私人品牌制造商,同时也以独特配方调配与饮料相关的其它产品,以满足您的需求。我们以最优良的用料及多元化的包装配合您的生意市场。 您可以少量定购(MOQ)新产品,在无需大量投资(包装与数量)的情况下,全力开拓新市场,以达到更高的目标。
With great passion and extensive experiences in research & product development, production and critical control responsibility, timely deliveries, we deliver satisfaction in every cup of your favorite beverages every day.

Our Brand - DYH and Deyiho